How to Apply for Jobs

Extraordinary Young Women

Are you still looking for a job? Yeah, me too. It’s weird; I didn’t expect it to take this long. It’s only been a month, I know, but all I hear people saying is: “Every company needs (communication/ PR/writing) jobs.” Every single job I’ve applied for, I’ve thought “I’m pretty qualified for this position, and my cover letter is solid. I’ll definitely get an interview.” But I’ve barely even gotten any callbacks or recognition for my application.

The good things are we’re in this boat together and I’ve learn a few things from job hunting. This may sound basic to some (and even stupid to others), but here are the five things I’ve learned about how to apply for a job.

  1.  You have to actually look: For me, it’s easy to say I am doing it while sitting and watching Netflix. If I have the application open on my computer…

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